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Kitchen stone

Is your kitchen getting old and worn? It may be time to consider renovating. At Vivid Stoneworks, we specialise in creating gorgeous stone benchtops and splashbacks that will give your kitchen an exquisite finish. 



Stone products have a number of benefits when used in the kitchen, including being both heat and scratch-resistant, and are a great way to add value to your home.


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Stone Benchtops & Kitchen Islands

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Benchtops are one of the most visible kitchen installations, so it makes sense to choose a material that’s going to give you the look and performance you and your family deserve.

Whether you opt for natural stone or engineered stone, you’ll end up with functional benchtops that look amazing.

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The Kitchen Splashback

vivid stoneworks stone kitchen splashback and benchtop

Looking to complete the stone look in your kitchen?

Whether you just want something that matches the benchtops throughout your kitchen, or you want something that’s long lasting and durable, stone splashbacks are the perfect choice for most homes. 

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Stone can be used in kitchen spaces in a variety of ways, including:

  • Effect tiles: Stone floor or wall tiling, in different textures or shapes, can add an attractive, interesting feature to your kitchen space. You could even incorporate stone as an eye-catching feature wall.
  • Worktops: Your bench space is a strong visual feature, and you can choose a material that complements your style and colour scheme.
  • Accessories: Stone placemats or chopping boards can add a little touch of nature to your kitchen space.

Popular Kitchen Stone Options

The material you choose for the stone elements in your kitchen is important. Marble, granite and dolomite are popular choices.


Marble works well with many styles, and will infuse your kitchen space with an air of luxury. It’s a natural material, and the individualised patterning present on each piece will truly make your piece unique. Marble is particularly popular in splashbacks and benchtops, providing outstanding visual impact and eye-catching interest. As marble’s more porous than some other varieties, it’s more prone to stains and scratches. You can maintain the durability of your stone by treating it each year with a sealant, cleaning up spills and using hot pads or chopping boards to protect the surface from heat.


Granite doesn’t just look great, it’s also outstandingly durable. It’s present in a range of colours and its strength makes it resistant to cracks, chips and heat, making it a perfect accompaniment to your kitchen space. Granite should always be protected with a sealant to cover any pores and to prevent staining.


Engineered stone is made of quartz, and while it might look just like natural stone, it carries extra benefits. Engineered stone can be manufactured to look uniform, so all your pieces will match perfectly throughout your kitchen. It’s also a very durable material, able to withstand cracks, stains and heat – though we always recommend using chopping boards for food preparation and heat pads to give extra surface protection. Additionally, the non-porous surface of engineered stone is very easy to clean, making it much easier for you to mop up spills and ensuring greater food safety in the kitchen.


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Make your dreams a reality with Vivid Stoneworks Newcastle. Our professional stonemasons use their expertise and professional equipment to cut or grind rocks or stones into slabs, which they’ll then finish to create the perfect feature or fitting for your home. Each and every order will be made with the particular wishes and preferences of our customers in mind.


Our specialisation is in cutting and fabricating worktops for kitchens and bathrooms. As these places need hardy, easy-to-clean surfaces, a stone bench, feature or fixture effectively combines style and practicality. We’re able to work with your existing space to create an attractive, unique feature you’re bound to love.


Contact us today to speak to our friendly team about your wishes and to learn more about our great range of stone products and solutions.